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Best Under stair storage ideas 2020

Why the storage under the stairs of your house is still unused? You might not have thought about utilizing that storage ever, or you don't know how to utilize that space under the stairs. So here am I with some ideas to utilize the space under the stairs that have been kept unused for a long time.

What is under stair storage

 Many people don’t consider the space under the stairs as storage for decorating your home. But that space can be a handy one for increasing the space in your house and also look beautiful underneath the stairs. So, the space we have under the stairs of our house is known as under stair storage.

Benefits of utilizing the space under stairs

 If you had a medium type of house and you have stairs inside then automatically the space of your house decreases. So if you utilize them you can create a lot more space inside your house. Let’s look out some benefits of doing so.

  • Increasing the space: The main benefit of utilizing the space underneath the stair is that it increases the space inside your home.
  • Makes the place look beautiful: Think about the space underneath the stairs and think about a beautiful place with a bookshelf or shoe rack or pet house. So this will surely increase the beauty of that space.
  • The space remains clean: If you let the space empty, you might not take care of it. Thus the place will become dirty. But setting something in that space will always force you to keep the place neat and clean.

Under stair storage ideas

Those guys who haven’t yet utilized the space underneath the stairs might be lacking with ideas. In this segment, I’m going to share some ideas, which will surely be loved by all.

  • Bookshelves: You can fill up that space with a lot of books. You can set up a library and arrange books in a nice order. It will fill the gap underneath the stairs and also provide you a small size of the library.
  • Home office: Well, some guys want to do some official works in the home. But his living room doesn’t provide him that environment to do so. That’s why he can utilize the spot and create a small office for himself.
  • Reading spot: If you love reading then you can set up a small-sized bed with some pillows and have a wonderful time with some books underneath the stairs of your house.
  • Shoe rack: It is possibly the best idea to keep your shoes near the main door of your house. If you create a place where you can put the shoes immediately after entering the house that will be great. And in this regard, no place can be better than the space underneath the stairs.
  • Cabinet: The space underneath the stairs will be most decorative if you put a cabinet there. You can decorate the cabinet with some interesting things which will make the place look beautiful.
  • Pet house: Want a permanent and safe house for your pet? Don’t think much, just built a house under the stairs and decorate it nicely to make it look attractive.
  • Kid’s corner: Your kids might want to find some reserved area for playing all the time or keeping their toys secure. So you can use the space under stairs to provide your kids with a secured playing place.
  • Artistic corner: Do you like painting? Want to decorate your house with your painting? So why let the place underneath the stairs unpainted. Take a brush and paint the whole space. You can also do some artwork to decorate the place.
  • Wine corner: You can decorate the place with some bottle of wine and serve them to the guests whenever needed. This will decorate the place and also make it a suitable place for serving the guests.
  • Small bathroom: You can utilize the space by setting up a small basin and a commode to make it a small bathroom. This will be a good thing for the out comers in the house.

Best Under stair storage

I have already given a few ideas on how to utilize the place under the stairs and now I’m going to discuss some products for this purpose.

1. SONGMICS 6-Cube Storage Rack, Staircase Organizer

This cube storage rack comes with double-sided plastic connectors. All the connectors are the same size that offers you to set up it in your way. The iron frame offers stable support for fabric layers and the fabric element adds a soft and warm touch to the metal-framed piece.

2. KOUSI Storage Cube

This black wire bookshelf cube is constructed with high quality coated steel. It has a large capacity to meet your different storage needs. The individual panel can be used for wall decoration, pet playpen and many other things.

3. Seville Classics 3-Tier Stackable 12-Pair Woodgrain Resin Shoe Rack Organizer

This shoe rack can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes very comfortably. The rack comes with a sturdy iron frame. It has interlocking adjacent units for shelving that fits your need. You can easily assemble the rack by simply clipping the shelves into the frame.

4. Honey-Can-Do Bamboo 3-Tier Shoe Shelf

This stylish wooden shoe rack can hold up to 9 to 12 pair of adult size shoes. The rack comes with three shelves that allow you to organize the shoes in many ways. The durable slatted surface of this rack is naturally moisture resistant.

5. Zober 5 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer Space Saver

 this hanging shelf is made of using breathable polypropylene. The shelf is wrapped around by a sturdy metal frame and high quality, thick grade cardboard for strong structure and added durability. It features 6 accessory mesh pockets. It comes with 2 stainless steel hanging hooks for standard garment rods.

Final words

 I think you should not let the space under the stairs empty. You can decorate the place and utilize it in the best possible way. I have discussed some ideas and you can also create your own ideas. Hopefully, this article will turn out to be helpful for you in this regard.

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