How Much Is A Roller Skates Cost

Are you bored of staying home during this summer idly? So coming out and looking for some blast outside is not a bad thing, of course. But don't do any serious blast; spend $30 to $200 and get ready for the blast by tying a pair of roller skates in your ankle. A quality roller skate pair can serve you well to have some outdoor fun in the roads, parks or your backyard.

How much is a roller skate

Roller skate and inline skate

Roller skate is a type of shoe that comes with four wheels designed underneath to roam around easily. The structure of a roller skate is pretty similar to the structure of a car. A roller skate has two wheels at the front side and two wheels at the back. If you love skating and want to do some stunts inside your home or in the backyard, you can have a pair.

There is another type of skates available, which is known as inline skate or rollerblade. Instead of using two parallel wheels in front and two in the back, inline skates are designed with several wheels in a straight line. As a beginner in skating, you should start with roller skate instead of inline skates. As roller skates have parallel wheels, it provides you better balance than inline skates. But you have to practice and gather experience to do stunts wearing any type of these skates.

Roller skating and health

Well, skating maybe only a fun element for you, but it can be beneficial for your health. That's why I would love to relate skating to health.

  • Helps to improve keeping balance: A beginner, who is wearing roller skate for the first time, knows how hard it is to balance the wheels. Gradually, he or she becomes capable of keeping the balance and roller skating increases their ability to balance their body in odd situations.
  • Lose some weight: If you are bulky and want to lose some weight, buy a roller skate pair and start skating in the park or your backyard. Roller skating burns a lot of calories and keeps your body fit from extra fat.
  • Prevent heart disease: Many people die because of heart disease every year. However, using a roller skate regularly only for recreational purposes can reduce heart disease death cases. While skating, your heart beats more than usual and it keeps your heart free from several diseases.
  • Prevent muscle and joint injuries: You might get yourself injured during running or playing any games and it happened because of the weakness in your muscle and joints. You can prevent such injures by doing a bit of skating regularly.

Cost of roller skates

The cost of roller skates ranges from $30 to $200 or a bit more. The cost mainly depends on whether you are buying this pair of skates for the adult ones or for the kids. Comparatively, skates for the kids are cheaper than adult skates. Typically, you would find roller skate for kids within $30 to $80. But if you want quality skates for adults, then you need to spend above $100.

Type of roller skates

There are several types of roller skates available in the market and if you are looking to buy roller skates for the first time, you might fall in confusion.

  • Jam skate: Jam skates are lightweight and provide you a lot of space to perform your stunts. It is designed with a toe plug. Because of this design, this has become one of the most popular types of roller skates.
  • Speed skate: As the name indicates, speed roller skates are designed for speed. To allow you a huge movement with less weight, it comes with less padding lightweight plates. Speed roller skates are designed with toe stop.
  • Roller derby skates: What kind of skates does a stuntman in the circus wear? Typically roller derby skates, because this type of skate is designed for intense stunts and performances. Although the structure might look like jam or speed skates, it has more padding to save your ankle and toe.
  • Indoor skates: If you are looking for skating inside your home, then take an indoor skate pair. Indoor skates are better for use on hard, smoother surfaces.
  • Outdoor skates: Outdoor skates are very similar to indoor skates but have some dissimilarities in the boot and the wheel's size. The wheels of outdoor wheels are made such a way to perform better even on rough surfaces, which you can't expect from indoor ones.

A Few suggestions

Moxi Skates - Lolly - Fashionable Women's Quad Roller Skate: This pair of ladies roller skates is made of using ABEC-5 steel ball bearings to minimize friction. The Moxi 65 by 40 mm outdoor wheels provides you a smoother ride. It comes with an easy lacing system that allows you to adjust the skates very easily. The boot of the skate has a high, snug fit on the ankle for strong ankle support. It is also designed with PowerDyne adjustable black toe stopper.

Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Roller Skate: This roller skate pair comes with ABEC-3 bearings and a matching color Carrera toe stopper, which will provide you super-fast, smoother skating. The vinyl boot of this pair of the skate is designed with a rock nylon plate. The manufacturer has used special stardust wheels, which you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Sure-Grip White Fame Roller Skate: This pair of white roller skate is designed with fame boot and rock nylon plate. The skates come with ABEC- 5 bearings and Carrera toe. Fame roller skate wheels have been used only for indoor use. It will be perfect for use in skating rinks. The product is available in women's size with a medium width.

Bont Roller Skates: The boot of this pair of roller skates is made with microfiber and it features replaceable rubber bumper toe protection. The thermoplastic in the heel allows you to mold your boot quickly. The fiberglass-reinforced ignite plate in the boot is very lightweight. This pair of roller skate wheels are made with premium high rebounding urethane and ABEC-5 precision bearings have been used here.

Roller skate sizing

A general saying for this is selecting the size of roller skate that matches your regular shoe size. Without a perfect fitting, you won't have a pleasant ride for sure. And for kids, you might also keep in mind about the growth. Remember, even a perfect size roller skate might take a little bit of time to make you feel comfortable.

Final words

Yes, you are almost ready for a skating session. Take out the wallet or the card and make payment for a pair of roller skates that might be perfect for you. Happy skating, buddy….

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