how to clean popcorn machine

How to use and clean your popcorn machine

Watching movies or TV series with your families and don’t have popcorns in your hand? Well, that’s not a familiar scene at all. Just go and make some popcorn in your popcorn machine and enjoy the time with your family without starving!

But oops! Do you know how to use this machine properly? Some of you are still unfamiliar with this homely used popcorn machine and that’s why I’ll discuss the methods of using this machine in a proper way. Not only this, you need to take care of your machine by cleaning it from time to time and you will know how to clean it if you continue reading this article.

Popcorn machine size

You need to choose the right size of the popcorn machine to get the best result. The size of popcorn machines mainly depends on the number of people you are making popcorns. If you are a heavy user or need to make popcorns on regular basis for a huge number of peoples, you will need a high capacity of a popcorn machine, of course.

The size of the popcorn machine is defined by ounces. There are different sizes of machines found for making different amounts of popcorns and serving places. The size of the popcorn machine ranges from 4 ounces to 32 ounces typically. Now let’s take a look at the different uses of different popcorn machines. Before you buy a popcorn machine you should must know the cost of popcorn machine.

  • 4 ounces machine: This is the smallest size of the popcorn machine you will find in the market. It is mainly used for occasional purposes and it is great for homely use.
  • 6 ounces machine: You can use this machine in your home as well. However, in traffic spots like several vehicle stations, it can serve you quite well.
  • 8 ounces machine: Now for a more crowded place you need a bigger machine that can pop more corns from the kernel in a quick time. It is highly recommended for bus stops, railway stations like places.
  • 12 ounces machine: There are a huge number of students in your school and your popcorn machine is not capable of providing quick supplies to this huge number. That’s the reason why this 12 ounces machine can be a good choice for your school arena.
  • 16 ounces machine: In movie theatres, this type of machine is typically used to serve the huge number of movie lovers.
  • 32 ounces machine: The largest one is needed for the larger places like movie theatres or stadiums. You can’t imagine serving popcorns to the crowds without having such a machine, which can produce a huge number of popcorns at a time.

How to use a popcorn machine

Bought popcorn in your home for the first time? Then you need to know the proper use of this machine. And here I’m with a discussion about how to use a popcorn machine. So follow the steps given below to use your popcorn machine in a proper way.

  • Begin the process with the bowl or bucket, where you are going to pop the corns. If you are making popcorns in a simple stirrer popcorn machine, the process is quite simple. However, for a large size machine, which is used in theaters or stadiums, you need an extra chamber.
  • Then you need to add the ingredients in the bowl or bucket to start the proceedings. But you have to ensure a strong base of the cooker or pot on which you are going to make the popcorns. Some popcorn machines have a built-in screw to make the base stronger. If it doesn’t have then you have to do this on yourself to make the cooker sturdy.
  • Another thing you need is a cover or lid to cover up the cooker when the kernels start popping inside the cooker. You can imagine, what will happen if there is no lid over the bowl or cooker.
  • After the things you need to do for making popcorns perfectly, you can add the ingredients in the cooker. You need to add the oil first, but some guys would fancy using butter instead of oil. However, make sure the butter you are using is melted by heat.
  • Then add the kernels in the oil or butter, whatever you have chosen to make the popcorns. Cover the cooker with a lid after adding the kernels.
  • Now it’s time to begin the process of making popcorns by plugging the machine in the nearest socket to make it work. Some machines will automatically start after turning the switch on. However other machines have a switch built in to turn it on or off. So do it.
  • Few moments after turning the switch on, you will hear the kernels have started to pop. The time of popping will vary on the number of kernels you have added in the machine.
  • After the popping is a complete turn off the machine and serves your popcorns.To choose home appliance element visit A Crib Mattress Cost And Size Of Crib Mattress  .

How to clean popcorn machine

To keep your popcorn machine working well, you need to clean it regularly after use. Here are a few steps you can follow to make your popcorn machine clean.

  • First, you need to turn off the switch and unplug the machine from the socket.
  • If you are using a commercial-grade machine then remove the cooker and let it cool. In other cases, just let the cooker cool down.
  • Then use a sponge or soft cloth with some dish wash soap and clean the cooker.
  • If you have a commercial machine, then use another same type of cloth to clean the interior and exterior part of the machine.
  • Oh! I just forgot to remove the popcorns staying in the machine. But you shouldn’t.
  • Also, clean the tray and the glass of your machine.
  • Let all the things dry and then you can setup them all again.

Final words

Don’t miss to provide your family members with a bowl of popcorn during the movie time. Just follow the steps to make the popcorns and for cleaning it.

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