How to clean a window air conditioner

How to clean a window air conditioner with cleaning equipment

​​​​Are you worried that your window air conditioner is getting slow and stinking bad? Are you worried about that you might need to repair it or replace it, but you don’t want to spend more money now?

Then I have a solution for you. You don’t have to worry about buying a new window air conditioner just because the present one is slow and stinky. You can just have a new experience from this one again, all you have to do is just clean it!

Yup! That easy. Just clean your window air conditioner, then you will get rid of all the slow and stinking problem you have with it. And the cleaning is also free. You don’t have to spend a penny on the cleaning. You can do it with just a few household products you have available. Well, how? Let me help you with this too.

But before we start with how to clean a window air conditioner, you need to know why it is getting slow and how.

Your window air conditioner works by collecting air moisture from outside. So sometimes the moisture gets stuck in the fins and coils of your conditioner and produces mold and mildews, which creates the stinks you are complaining about.

And while in the process of taking air from outside, the conditioneralso attracts dust and dirt’s towards it regularly.The dust and dirtsits on the fan, filter and wheel of the conditioner and make it filthy and clogged. And when the layer of the dust and dirt gets heavy on the parts, it starts getting slow day by day and produces less cool air then it did before.

So that’s why your window air conditioner leaves a bad odor inside your room and works slow, but only cleaning it properly can solve the issue.

It is also super easy and cheap. All you need to invest in some time and do it by yourself. You don't have spent money or send it to any servicing because you can clean it with just a few things which are available in your house.

Now let’s get to it. Let’s tell you how to clean your window air conditioner-

Window air conditioner cleaning equipment

You will need a few things to clean your window air conditioner, but don't worry about anything that you don't have already. So before we start the cleaning process, you need to know the equipment will need for the cleaning-

  1. An open space.
  2. Water
  3. Soap or detergent mixed with water or white vinegar
  4. A sponge or a scrub brush
  5. A 4 in 1 screwdriver
  6. Towel
  7. Spray bottle

How to clean

  1. To clean your window air conditioner, you need to remove it from the wall and take it to an open space or to your yard where there are sunlight and open air.
  2. After that, you need to open up your window air conditioner units to make them single parts, and that’s how it will be easy to clean them.
  3. To open the conditionerunits,you first need to take out the filter which is in the front of the window. Usually, you can take it out from the right or the front, you just need to slide it out.
  4. Thenyou will need a 4 in 1 screwdriver and with this you have to take off the screws around the casing both sides and the top.
  5. Take off every one of the screws carefully and put them in jar or safe place so that you don't lose them.
  6. Now just take the front cover off and then the side cover will just come off easily. Be careful when taking off the front cover because it is attached to some little tabs from inside. So you need to take it off slow and carefully.
  7. Now that you took off the casing, you can see how dirty and stinky your air conditioner is inside.
  8. Mix the soap or detergent with warm water or white vinegar whatever you have available in your house and put this in a spray bottle.
  9. Then spray the mixer all over your air conditioner. Also, over the cover you took off and the filter. Spray well, take few minutes and keep spraying. Don’t leave an inch, spray all over it but try staying away from the electronic areas where the motor and the wires are.
  10. Spray over the fins and fans and wheel, which you will see how filthy and clogged is for the dust and mud it collects from outside.
  11. Now let them soak for a while with the solution on them.
  12. After soaking them for a while, take a big brush and scrub the dirt’s out of it. Scrub all the parts where the dirt is hard.
  13. Wash the whole thing with water until the dirty parts come white and clean.
  14. You will be surprised to see the result here.
  15. Now then your air conditioner is clean take a towel and remove the extra water from all over it and over the removed parts.
  16. Leave it outside for 2 to 3 hours and let the air dry it completely.
  17. After the air conditioner is completely dry put all the parts together and then put the screws in their place.
  18. That’s it. Look at the clean and new look window air conditioner in front of you. It will work as new as well.

Why should keep your window air conditioner clean

Well, here are some thoughts on why else you should keep your window air conditioner clean.The benefits of cleaning an air conditioner are a lot but let me share a few with you-

So, first of all, you need to keep it clean, otherwise you will face these getting slow and bad odor issues. You might not be able to bear the repair cost always and if you do not keep it clean regular then some parts might get damaged and then you have to bear the extra cost. So to avoid that it is good to keep it clean and enjoy the service each time as new.

Second, a clean air conditioner produces clean air. So to breathe fresh and clean air you need to clean it regularly or the dirtywill increase the possibilities of creating a lung disease like allergies or asthmas. So it is important to clean the air conditioner if you want to breathe healthy air and stay fit.

Third, your air conditioner works by collecting moisture from the air and the moisture it collects gets stuck on the coils and fins so it creates mold and mildews which leaves a bad odor and it also bad for health. But not only for health it also corrupts the environment of your room or office. So keeping it clean might save from these situations.

Fourth and very important, if you don’t keep your conditioner clean then the dirt it collects will block the moisture drainage system and when the moisture level increases too much it may cause leakage on your conditioner and the moisture will come out through the leakto your house, will make things and your wall look dirty.

Last but not least, cleaning your window air conditioner might increase its lifetime more then you expected. When you keep your electrical things dirty for too long, it damages the main and soft parts, and then you have to repair it or might need to buy a new one. So you can save money and increase its lifetime by just keeping it clean. Also, you can save the electricity bill by cleaning it. Because when it is clean and active a window air conditioner takes less time at cooling your room then a slow and dirty one.

Final words

Taking good care of your stuff is frugal and economical. Because when you take care of your stuff it works well continuously for years and years and you don’t have to replace them which saves you money. It also works like new. So it’s a good effort to invest some time and take care of your stuff all by yourself. It increases your skills too. So a lot of things you can keep up if you try and do it by yourself to stay happy and healthy.

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