How much does a Bowling ball cost

Whether you are a professional bowling ball player or a recreational player, you need to choose the right sort of bowling ball to have an excellent experience during the game. However, some guys are also searching for some budget-friendly balls. I can say this article is for all of the bowling ball buyers.

Here in this article, the budget-friendly guys will find information about such balls and the guys who are looking for the quality will also get it informative. You can find any type of bowling ball within a price range of $40 to $300. Basically, the cost of bowling balls depends on the type of player you are buying for and also the build quality of the ball.

How much does a Bowling ball cost

What is a bowling ball

The ball used in bowling games to knock down the bowling pins is known as a bowling ball. You will find bowling balls with three holes designed on the spherical surface and some balls will come to you without any type of holes. The balls with holes are bigger and that’s why they have holes.

I have discussed these two types in the following segment. You can choose different colors of balls that won’t hamper your gameplay for sure. You will find solid color balls as well as multi-color or balls with a pattern designed on the surface.

How much is a bowling ball

After a long research on the cost of bowling balls, I have decided to make three categories of the cost and make things a lot easier for you.

  • Balls for beginners: In this level, I’m basically talking about the players who have started playing this game and who play this game only as recreational gameplay. I don’t think you need to spend much money to find out suitable for players like them. Their balls are typically made of plastic cover stock and they cost around $40 to $80.
  • Balls for intermediates: Within the price range of $85 to $150, you will find balls made of urethane cover stocks. Players who have gained experience in this field should look for the quality of the ball now and that’s why they need to spend a bit more than the beginners.
  • Balls for pros: Pros participate in competitive matches and championship games and they need balls with high-grade build quality. Typically bowling balls for pros are made of reactive resin and they cost more than $150 to $300 or sometimes more than that.

Variety in bowling balls

There are two types of bowling balls depending on finger holes designed on the spherical surface of the ball.

  • Balls having finger holes: The balls with finger holes are typically used in ten pin bowling games. In ten pin bowling game, the ball used is a bit larger than the other type of game balls measuring around 8.5 inches in diameter. That’s why it turns out difficult for the thrower to grab the ball comfortably. So the manufacturer designed these balls with three finger holes, one for the thumb and the other two depending on your comfort level.
  • Balls not having finger holes: In duckpin bowling, five-pin bowling and candlepin bowling balls without having any finger holes are used. Because of their relatively smaller size, they don’t need any holes for better grip.

Types of cover stocks used in bowling balls

I’ve already said that the cost of bowling balls largely depends on the build quality of the ball and the build quality largely depends on the type of cover stock used to construct the ball. There are mainly four types of cover stocks used to construct bowling balls.

  • Plastic: Plastic cove stock makes the surface of the ball a lot smoother than the other cover stocks. That’s why you are going to get less friction on the throwing lane while using this ball and the hook potential is also significantly less here. This type of ball is excellent for beginners.
  • Urethane: Urethane cover stock provides less smoothness and better friction on the lane. So you can throw the ball along the lane with more accuracy. This cover stock ball is good for the intermediate players.
  • Reactive resin: Professional players mostly like to use balls made with reactive resin cover stock. There are three types of reactive resins, pearl, solid and hybrid. With greater friction and hook potential, these balls are going to serve you well during any competitive game.
  • Proactive: This cover stock is different from the others as they make the surface of the ball rough. Expert players in an oily lane typically use these balls.

A few suggestions (Best)

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball: All levels of bowlers will find this ball from Brunswick performing with pinpoint accuracy. This bowling ball comes with outstanding durability. You will find the ball in bright colours. The cover of this ball is made of polyester. As the ball comes with a higher number, it will provide you with a straighter performance than others. It has got low hook potential and is excellent for use in dry conditions.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball: Get the perfect balance between power and control with this bowling ball from Brunswick. It provides enhanced performance with a variety of attractive colour options. It is a great choice to use this ball in drier conditions by the new players who are looking for a great value. It has a versatile ball motion, which is useful across various lane conditions. You will find this one as a continuous and robust arcing ball.

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball: You can grab this excellent entry-level bowling ball from Pyramid. It is made with new era 139 symmetric core that offers a variety of drilling. The path reactive pearl cover stock of this ball offers delayed or angular reactions. It is ideal for medium-dy lanes. Pearlized reactive resin has been used to construct this ball.

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball: Get this bowling ball at an affordable price from motiv bowling. It pairs the gear weight block with the turmoil MFS reactive cover stock from the covert revolt to produce a smooth but angular backend motion, which continues through the pins. The colours of the ball, pop on the lane and produce shocking results on light to medium oil conditions.

Final words

If you are a lover of bowling games in recreational events or you are a pro player, you should read out the article once before purchasing a bowling game ball. A budget-friendly purchase for the right product will increase the enjoyment of the game for sure.

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