Bocce ball court size

All about Bocce ball court size and scoring

You might have played lawn bowling? But have you heard about Bocce ball, which is similar to lawn bowling? Bocce ball is an ancient Italian sport, which is gaining popularity in the USA and across the world day by day. The main reason for its popularity is, the game is very easy and simple to play.

To play the game you need a court, a few bocce balls and pallina, the target ball and a bit smaller than the bocce balls. Players of any age can participate in the game just if they have enough required equipment. Here I’ll discuss bocce balls, the court, and the scoring system of this game. You won’t regret it if you continue to read.

Bocce ball

One of the main equipment you need to play bocce ball is bocce balls! Well, a set of bocce ball will provide you a great experience in the field of bocce ball. But before that, you need to know a few things about bocce balls and I’m going to discuss these things below.

Bocce ball size

 The regulation size of a bocce ball is 107 mm in diameter. The size of the balls is very worth considering as it will affect the playability for sure. Tournament grade bocce balls measure from 100 to 115 mm in diameter. However, there are smaller size balls also available. Look, if you provide the same size of the ball to the kids that are used for the adults, it won’t help to grab the ball perfectly and enjoy the game.

That’s why the size of the ball should be reduced when you are buying them for the younger guys. Balls are measuring less than 100 mm and near 75 mm in diameter available for the kids. You need to choose the right size of the bocce ball that suits the players. And for adult players, a regulation size ball is always recommended for me for having a tournament-grade feel.

Bocce ball weight

Like the size, the weight of the ball also depends on the age of the players. Heavier balls are good for the adult players, but kids or younger ones will not fancy using this heavier ball. The regulation weight of a bocce ball is 2 pounds. You can decide what weight of ball you exactly want depending on the player.

The weight will affect the accuracy of throwing the ball for sure. A guy, who can’t even lift the weight of the ball, can never throw it with accuracy. So for ensuring accurate throwing towards the target ball or pallina, you need to choose the right weight of the ball.

Bocce ball construction material

The durability, weight, and other things of the ball highly depend on the materials used to construct it. Professional grade bocce balls are made of resin composite, which provides you great performance in the field. But these balls are a bit expensive than others.

Except for resin composite material, there are balls made of plastic, metal, wood, polymer, etc. Plastic, I suppose is the last material you would want to have in your bocce ball. Although plastic balls are suitable for kids, an adult should never go for these balls. If you want to have some traditional bocce ball feel, nothing can be better than wooden bocce balls.

Bocce ball court size

You need a regulation size bocce ball court .pdf for having a professional-grade feel during the game. Here I’ll discuss a few things you need to know about the bocce ball court.

Regulation court size: According to The United States Bocce Federation, a regulation size bocce ball court measures 90 feet by 13 feet. For tournaments and professional games, this measurement of the court must be followed. However, to find this size of court for casual plays becomes a bit difficult many times.

Court for casual play: For causal or regular bocce ball fun, you don’t need a regulation size court. To set up a regulation size court in your backyard may turn out to be a difficult task often. This will certainly hamper the playability. A court measuring 60 feet in length and 12 feet in width is the most used size for casual bocce ball plays.

Indoor bocce court size: If you are looking to set up this court indoor, then you have to reduce this size also. The smallest bocce court measures 22 feet in length and 6 feet in width. You can choose this court for bocce ball fun inside your home.

Inside the court: There are few lines drawn inside the court to increase the fun of the game.

  • Centerline: The line divides the court into two parts and it is drawn in the middle of the court along the width. If the first player throwing the pallino fails to reach this line, this will be called an invalid throw.
  • Pointing foul line: Depending on the size of the court, this line is drawn for the players to hit the ball. They have to throw the ball standing behind this pointing foul line.
  • Hitting the foul line: This line is drawn after pointing the foul line. Here the players stand and throw their bocce balls to hit the opponent’s balls.

Court materials: A professional outdoor bocce ball court is made of a concrete base. Except for this, any natural surface like clay, dirt is fine for playing a bocce ball game.

Bocce ball scoring

Here are a few things you need to know about bocce ball scoring.

  • The game is typically played for 12 points.
  • Only one team will receive one point at a time.
  • After both, the team throws the ball, the referee will measure the distance of both balls from the pallino.
  • The team having the closet ball to the pallino than the other team will receive one point.
  • This way the game will continue until one team scores 12 points.

Final words

Now set up the court and buy a set bocce ball with the pallino to start having bocce ball fun. And probably you have already understood the scoring process of the game.

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