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Best Race Car Bed For(kids/Toddler, Little tikes) Reviews 2021

Kids grow fast. In a blink of an eye, your infant will grow up and you have to move them to a bed from their cradle.

And when you are up to it, why not consider buying a race car bed. Your kid will be delighted to have one.

As a bunch of race car animated movies are on the trend and your kid might be imaging themselves as one of those characters in the movies, then why not help them grow their imaginations!

And also putting them into bed won’t be hard anymore.

Keeping it in mind we came up with these best car bed reviews for you.

Best race car bed

1.Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed, Black

Here is our first choice for your toddler. This Delta Children Turbo Car Twin Bed is for all ages kids. So no matter how old your kid is, this bed is perfect for them because its molded plastic body is made as to last for years.

And the realistic design makes it look like an adult racing car. The rear spoiler, front grill and racing tires are designed just as a real one.

The mattress of the bed is designed to sit on the floor but also has an optional box spring to raise it but it comes separately.

Key Features

  1. Realistic race car look.
  2. Space for a standard twin mattress.
  3. Recommended for all ages kids.
  4. Made of durable molded plastic.
  5. Secure guardrails provide safe enter and exit into the bed for all ages kids.

2. Race Car Toddler Bed

This bed is basically for kids who started to walk or a little older. So the ground level is low for them to have easy access to the bed. And this bed fits most of the crib size mattresses. It has a bright outlook and racecar artwork that matches your kid's room atmosphere.

Almost an excellent choice to make for your little one as it is made the way to make them feel comfortable and also have fun.

Recommended for kids of 15+ months.

Key Features

  1. Colorful and fun artwork.
  2. High bedrails for your kid's safety.
  3. Has bench two feet from the ground.
  4. Low to the ground for kids to climb bed easily
  5. Most of the crib-sized mattress fits the bed.

3.Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Race Car Sleep

This car is unique because it designed like the famous racer car Lightning McQueen from the Disney Pixar movie Cars. Your children probably fan of this car character and will love having this bed.

This bed comes with built-in guardrails, which will keep your child safe from falling. The bold decals and graphics are really appraisable.

Safety standards set by CPST & ASTM and approved by JPMA.

Recommended for kids of 15+ months.

Key Features

  1. Made of durable, molded plastic.
  2. Guardrails to protect your kid.
  3. The mattress sits low in the bed frame so that your little one might feel safe at entering and exit.
  4. Fits standard crib mattresses.
  5. Built as to last longer.
  6. It creates a friendly environment that provides your kid with a sound sleep.

4. Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights Vehicle

This bed fits most of the crib mattress, and it also fits a twin mattress. So the bed will grow with your kid as they grow.

It has the exciting features, tap on headlights front of the bed as real race cars. This bed also has race tracks around it so your little one can race with their cars.

It has air intake, which gives some flat space on each side of the bed to keep anything like a book or cup or your kid's car collections.

The recommended age for this bed is 24 months to 10 years.

Key Features

  1. The bed fits crib mattress, but it also can be converted into a twin mattress. Means, it has two mattress support board, a two in one option.
  2. Realistic race car rims.
  3. Headlights on when you tap on them.
  4. The flat surface on each side of the bed.
  5. Molded race car tracks with Extra hot wheel tracks.
  6. Air intakes and spoilers to showcasing your kid's hot wheel collection.
  7. Extra hot wheel tracks added for a longer ride. (not included)

5.Twin Car Bed Red Metal Dune Buggy FrameBoys Racing Slat Style 

This bed is designed as a Dune Buggy car. A Dune Buggy car is A wide tire and large wheel car made for use on the sand or beaches.

This bed has no side rails but a slat system frame around it same as a Dune Buggy car. Its body is metal.

This bed is 84 inches long, the width is 56 inches and 56 inches tall, which is perfect for your kid. No box spring required with the bed.

Key Features

  1. Dune Buggy styled slat system metal frame.
  2. Perfect height measurements for kids.
  3. Twin-sized mattress.
  4. No box spring required.

6. Donco Kids Youth Race Car Bed, Red

This purple color race car bed will delight your kid. The body is made of wood. It has a strong base and wood slates to support the mattress.

The slates and base can hold a lot of weights, so there no fear of breaking.

Key Features

  1. It comes with the color purple.
  2. Its body is made of wood.
  3. It has a strong base and slates to support the mattress.
  4. Fits twin size mattress.

7.DC Comics Batman Batmobile Car Twin Bed by Delta Children

If your kid is a batman fan, then this bed is perfect for your kid. This bed is designed as a DC comic batman theme.

It is made of durable and molded plastic. Perfect for all ages kids.

The mattress sits low in the bed so that your kid won’t find it difficult to climb on to his bed. High sides for your child’s safety.

Key Features

  1. Durable molded plastic body.
  2. Perfect for all ages kids.
  3. For security, the mattress sits low in the bed.
  4. Batman Batmobile car design.
  5. High sides for children’s safety.
  6. Fits Twin mattress.

8.Legaré Furniture Children's Race Car

The design and color of this bed are so cool. A twin size bed frame will make your kid's room look bigger.

It has a side shelf that can be used as nightstand attached either side so you can place the bed against any wall or anywhere you want.

Unlike any other bed, this has easy assembly as it needs no tools or equipment to attach the bed. It uses tab/slots to lock the bed.

Key Features

  1. Cool racecar design.
  2. Beds frames are twin size.
  3. Has shelf attached either side of the bed and can be used as a nightstand.
  4. Assembling is easy with the tab/slot system. No tools needed.
  5. Body made of woods with good non-toxic finishing.
  6. The twin size frame makes it easy for mattress shopping.

Buying Guide

Things you need to consider when buying a race car bed for your children’s-


Before buying a bed for your kid you need to think about the structure of the bed. Buy something that is suitable for your child and their age.

Check the quality and measurement before buying.

Do not buy any bed that is high for your child or has sharp corners or loos structures so they might hurt themselves climbing or while playing on the bed.

Weight and Mattress

Check if the mattress you want fits the bed, or the bed can take the weight of the mattress and your kid together.

You can buy the beds in which mattress sits on the floor. It’s safe.

If the bed fits only crib size mattresses, then it will be useful only for a limited time.

Safety and easy access

Your toddler might have some of his old habits like rolling over and climbing.

So keeping it in mind you need to see if your child's new bed has all the features it needs to keep your kid safe from falling and giving them to the bed easy access.

Looks and Decals

Of course, look matters a great deal when it comes to your kid's bed. The decals your select should be realistic. Some of them have real headlights, but those costs a lot.


1. How to disassemble little tikes race car bed

ans: You will find it all in the instruction manual.

2.How big is a toddler race car bed?

​Ans: Basically, these beds are 71.00×29.75×18.25 inches.

3.How much is a race car bed?

Ans: It depends on the brand and models.

4.Does a race car come with the mattress?

Ans:No mattress included with the product.

Final words

Shifting your kid from crib to bed is a hard job. But if you got the right bed, then it is much more comfortable. Kids love race cars, and a race car bed will make them fall in love with their bed too. I hope this article will help you find the right race car bed for your kid.

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