Best flickering flame solar light

Best flickering flame solar light/Lantern reviews 2021

Flickering flame solar lights are becoming famous among people for a lot of reasons. You can use them to decorate your outdoor party or if you want to have flickering light effects inside your home, you can use it there too.

Theselightsalso work well in emergencies as flashlights or spotlights. You can take one of these lights in your tracking or camping. The tracks will fill with dramatic thrill if you takeone of these best flickering frame solar light/lanterns with you to light your way.

But, the flaming lights are not only attractive but also eco-friendly as these lights run on solar-charged battery power. No fire, no gas needed to light them. They are long-lasting and withstand all kinds of weather as they are made of weatherproof and waterproof materials. These lights/lanterns designed the way light your lawn or garden or driveway all night long.

So go and check out the best flickering flame solar light/ lantern and see which light is suitable for your choice as we put a lot of options for you.

Best flickering flame solar light

1. Solar Lantern Lights Dancing Flame

This realistic flickering flame lantern will add extra attraction to your party decoration. Its attractive realistic dancing flame and warm yellow light create a welcoming environment. Your tabletop, wall, path, porch, shelf, and stairs will get a fantastic ambiance with the light's antique flame effect.

This solar-powered lantern needs no wires, chargers, or batteries to work, that’s why it is an energy-saving and money-saving product. It works by a solar system, so you just leave it under the sun and it will collect the solar energy and will transfer it into electricity.

4 to 5 hours under the sun will keep it lighting for up to 15 hours.

This solar lantern has an amazing system of automatic on/off. It automatically turns on when it is dusk and turns off at dawn. You need no on/off switch to make it work. It has a durable circular ring to hang or clip it. So hang it somewhere and forget about it. It will work on its own.

This lantern is also waterproof and durable so you need not to worry about rain, snow, or frosts. The size of this light is - 3.5” *3.5” *3.7”.

The color is black, the material is ABS plastic, classing style antique finish, product weight is 1.65 pounds and the charging time will be influenced by weather conditions.

2. TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames

The LED in this light throws a soft and flaming glow that seems like a real flame.

The total size of the product is 43 inches long but the light and the ground stake is separable. So you can adjust the size as you want.

This flickering flame light also needs no wire or batteries, it completely runs on solar power.

It turns on and off automatically. On at dusk and off at dawn. So it does not need to switch on and off by anyone. You just put it anywhere outside under the sun and that’s all.

It takes 8 hours to fully charge and works up to 12 hours after that. But of course this changes according to weather conditions. In summer after fully charged it works 10 hours and in winter 5 hours.

Waterproof and durability let it work whole year in any kind of weather. Easy installation, no wiring, simply just put it anywhere.

Ideal for lighting your patio, pathway, driveway, garden, deck or dock.

The full package has 4x solar torch lights, 4x extended pipe, 4x plastic ground spike, and 1x manual.


This upgraded solar light has a beautifully designed frame.

It can be used as a spotlight. Famous for landscape decoration for parties, pathways, lawns, porch, driveway, patio, garden, etc.

No batteries are needed. Charges itself from sunlight and auto on and off option. On at dusk and off at dawn.

Charging time is 8 hours a day. Runs for 10 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter

 and Weather resistant. Withstand all kinds of weather and waterproof makes it durable for a long.

No wire or tool is needed to install. Simply just put it in the place you want it.

The package includes 4x solar light, 4x extended pipe, 4x plastic ground spike and 1 manual.

4. Sunlitec Solar Lights, Waterproof Flickering Flames

Sunlitec solar light has a unique flame design. To change your environment into romantic and pleasant one this light uses a unique optical controlled technology which is a good choice.

This ecofriendly light needs no electricity to charge. It collects energy from solar all day and lights up automatically at dusk. Saves energy and saves money.

Weather resistance makes it enable for longer use. Rain orsnow won’t make any effect on it because it is waterproof.

No hard installation just put where you want to place it. Hang it if you want to place it in a wall or Push it down if you want to place in the soil.

This light it flexible, environment friendly and also cheap.

No need to spend any extra money on repairing or other stuff.

5. Aityvert Solar Lights, 43" Flickering Flames Torch Lights

This solar flame light is an alternative of a real flame and a safer one. It changes the atmosphere by creating fire like lights. It is also environmentally friendly because it needs no oil, no fire to light, so no pollution.

Runs completely on solar energy so saves a lot of electricity bill.

Built-in rechargeable battery that works 12 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after charging for 6 to 8 hours.

The shell and the ground spikes are made of ABS material which makes it tough and anti-aging and withstand temperature 4F°- 140F°.

The total height of the product is 43 inches. No need of any hard installation. Just put in the yard. It comes with two ground stake so you can lower the high if you want to by removing one stake.

IP65 waterproof, dustproof and also weatherproof. Durability last for years of use.

All Solar lights are sensitive to over brightness. So it is forbidden to place it anywhere where is too much light at night.

Provides 1-year free guarantee and excellent customer service.

6. Ollivage Solar Lights Outdoor, 43" Flickering Flames

This flickering flame solar light comes with two extension pipes that give you a choice between heights. 32.6 inches or 43 inches.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lights up to 12 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after 6 – 8 hours’ charge in full sunlight.

Envir9nment friendly these lights need no oil or fires to light and requires no electricity so no electricity bill. It saves energy and money as well.

It will light up your lawn, garden, flowerpot, bench and pathways if you put it there.

Install it under direct sunlight. Place it far from shades of buildings or trees and exterior lighting sources like street lights.

The working time is weather sensitive due to changing weather and lake of sunlight.

Waterproof and weather resistant that’s why lasts for years.

This product has a 12-month warranty and if any quality-related issue occurs then Replacement or Refund is also available.

7. TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

This solar lantern is made of high-quality metal with a rustproof finish, and the sides are poly plastic with glass effect. The bottom has attached the soft foam to protect your tabletop or surface of your furniture from scratching.

Provides flickering flame warm yellow glow. It can be used as an alternative to candles.

The bronze finish gives it a vintage look. It has a durable hook to hang it on a shepherd hook as well as putting it on the tabletop. To decorate patio, garden, porch and tables.

Saves energy by recharging from solar power. Put anywhere in direct sunlight for 8 hours then it is good to go. Durable and waterproof makes it last for years of use in any weather.

Needs two lithium metal batteries to run and are included within the product.

Has precautions of not Installing two lights too close, otherwise they will not work.

This product has 45 days’ money back and 12 months’ warranty.

8. TAKE ME Solar Lantern, Outdoor Garden Hanging Lantern

This light has no flickering flames but a warm whitecandle glow that lights everything near it.

The material of this product is plastic and glass.

It has 1 solar rechargeable battery that charges from the sunlight. And works 8 hours straight after dusk.

This hanging light can be use anywhere inside or outside your home to decorate parties or just as regular light.

Keep the button ON before leaving it to the sunlight. It will light up automatically when in darkness.

Needs to be charged for 6 to 8 hours in direct sunlight.

Keep the light way from bright luminant and street lights.

The light size is: 5.51” (L) * 11” (H) * 5.51(W)”.

9. Camabel 55" Tall Solar Torches Lights with Flicking Flame

This light has a metal body made of stainless steel with rust resistance black finish.

This light has a nice designed structure. This makes it suitable to decorate parties, festivals, camping, wedding, beach, garden, park, or just for security lighting on your yard, pathway, patio, porch, or backyard. It will cool wherever you place it.

Rather than other lights this light is adjustable in three heights. It can be adjusted according to your need onto 23”, 39” and 55”.

The realistic flame lights make it look like a real fire flame. It makes your environmentappear classing and unique.

Easy to install. No assembly tool is needed to assemble.

You need to switch on the light at first use and after that it will automatically turn itself on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Long-lasting and auto rechargeable torchlight.Runs for 8 to 12 hours. But in winter, you need to clearoff the debris and snow from the panel to help it catch the light to recharge.

If any problem occurs, you have to discuss the money back or replacement within 30 days of purchasing the product.

10. Gold Armour 2 Pack Solar Lights Upgraded - Flickering Flames Torch Solar

Dancing flame with yellow color light makes a classical appearance that changes the atmosphere.

Designed to decorate your house, pathway, yard, and garden.

Made of durable ABS waterproof plastic and IP65 waterproof grade which makes it suitable for all-weather use. And lasts long without any damage.

Longer battery life. After fully charged, the light will work up to 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter.

Charged from solar power which makes it an energy-saving product. Has auto on and off mood.

No hard installation process. Just put it somewhere under the sun and the light will work itself.

The total height of this light is 40 inches.

The package includes 2x solar lights, 2x extended pipe, 2x ground spike, 1x manual.

This light has 45 days’ money back guaranty and 12 months warranty.

Buying Guides

Battery life

Battery life is the most important thing to consider when buying a solar lantern. A solar lantern charges itself from the sunlight all day and runs at night. So basically, a lantern battery works 8- 10 hours after a full charge.

But some batteries runs lower than this. And they remain dead on bad weather conditions, like in cloudy or foggy weather, the solar lantern cannot get enough sunlight to get fully charged so the low battery may stay dead in this weather.

Some options can make the battery run for 24 hours but these are rare. So, a solar lantern battery that can run all night with a full charge is enough for anyone.


As plastic is dust and water-resistant, it is considered a great material for flickering flame solar lights. These lights are generally used outside of the house, for example, porch, patio, driveway, and garden. So it collects a lot of dust and dirt and faces harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, etc. Plastic can withstand this kind of weather conditions and it is also lightweight to carry or transport.

But, cheap plastic materials used for the light can be the reason of low durability and serious damage that can go beyond repair.

So the quality of the material is a very important thing to consider.

Also for the decorative reason there are lanterns made of iron or glass are available in the market. These also can be long-lasting depending on the quality and design.

Design features:

There are a lot of features in a solar lantern and it's developing consistently. New features are adding day by day. So you need to figure out which features you need most in your solar lantern.

Is it the versatility or design you want in your lantern? Actually, both can be found in one solar lantern. A solar lantern can be beautiful in design and also useful in emergencies.

There are a lot of models in the market that has so many features, example: extra power banks, different color light mode, different size option and waterproof casings.

If you know what features you want most in your solar lantern then it’s easy to find the best one for you.


Solar lanterns are designed and made with the ability to be weatherproof. As they are placed on the porch and patio, they need to withstand all kinds of weather. The materials used in these lanterns are to be waterproof, so they can last longer.

So you need to check how waterproof they are based on their IP rating before buying one.


So lumens are the scientific measurement of brightness. It basically means how bright you want your lanterns to be. Is it the bright white LED light you want to light up your porch or the dramatic decorative light that gives a nice look to your atmosphere, so what your lantern lumens would be it all depends on your choice.

There are a few lantern lumens are available. Minimum five lumens for decorative purposes and forty for bright lights.

To help you with it, let’s take a look at the convert lumens to watts:





So, I hope you understand the lumens concept now.

Lightweight and portable:

It is better if your solar lantern/ light is lightweight. It gives you more options like carrying your light with you in a campaign or emergencies. If it's lightweight, you'll barely notice its existence in your backpack; otherwise, it would be hard to carry extra heavyweight you.

And also, you need to see if it is portable. Otherwise, what's the point of being lightweight if you can't carry it. You won't want a solar light, which is hard to carry or transport when needed right? And if you are anadventurer person then you will need a light that can light your ways through your tracking.So a portable and lightweight option is a must to look in a solar lantern.


Your versatile solar lantern will have various features and options like a solar-charged, extra battery, lumens output, multiple mode options, battery life, good materials, beautiful design, and charging time. But the main thing about it is,with all these features altogether, how it performs practically.

So you have to be really conscious about how much its practical performance satisfies you rather than the so many good features.

Easy to use:

The solar lantern you are going to purchase should be easy to use. So that all the members of your family can use it in times of need. However, every solar lantern is easy to use. All you need is just switch the on button and keep outside in the sunlight.

The solar light will automatically charge itself from the sunlight. It will automaticallyturn on in the evening and run all night and turn off in dawn and charge itself all day.


What is a flickering flame solar light

Ans: A flickering flame solar light is a gorgeous and colorful light that has fire-like flames that are environment-friendly and run on solar energy.

How flickering flame solar light works

Ans: These lights take power from solar energy. Mean it charges itself from sunlight all day and turns on automatically at dusk.

How is the cover of a flickering flame solar light

Ans: The cover of a flickering flame solar lantern is made of good quality plastics as plastic is dust and water resistance.

How much does it cost flickering flame solar light

Ans: The price of a flickering flame solar lantern depends on the quality and brand and its good features. Different brand and features has a different price.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you with the knowledge you needed to buy a flickering flame solar lantern/light. There are a lot of options in the market. You need to look for the right solar lantern based on your need and requirements.

You can get the best solar lantern to compare multiple options and buy the one with all the right features of your need.

If you are wondering which features you should first acknowledge in a solar lantern, let me also help you with it.You can choose them by comparing with the common features like brands, warranty, quality and ability of the waterproof materials.

Otherwise, you can pick one of the above-reviewed lanterns as we choose them by doing a lot of research and comparison, after keeping in mind about your demand and choice.

With the right solar lantern your party decorations, picnics, campaigns or emergency outages will go smoothly and tension free for years. So go ahead and pick the best flickering flame solar lantern/light for you.

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