Best Butcher Paper Reviews 2021

If you are searching for some butcher paper for your next BBQ party, you are in the right place. Some guys though love using foil paper for wrapping, serving meat, or other types of snacks, but frankly speaking, butcher paper does a much better job keeping the natural taste and flavor of the juicy meat.

I have selected the top butcher papers found in the market now and the list starts with Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll - Natural Food Grade Brown Wrapping Paper. It is made of 100% natural pure virgin pulps and it is made for multi-purpose use. Continue reading if you want to purchase for the right kind of paper depending on your need.

Best butcher paper

What do you know about butcher paper

As the name indicates, butcher paper is usually made for butchers to wrap fresh meat and fish to keep the freshness for a more extended period. However, this paper is now used in many aspects of life.

You can use this paper for serving food in restaurants or any parties. If you are worried about carrying the food safely on a long trip, just wrap a butcher paper around. It is also used to craft, paint in schools, functions, and even decorate your living room.

Best Butcher Paper

1. Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll


Brand: Bryco Goods

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Pick up this butcher paper from Bycro Goods and store your fresh cut meats without worrying about any unwanted leakage. The paper is made of 100% natural virgin pulps and it comes unwaxed. The manufacturer has used no chemical to make the paper keep the natural flavor and purity of the product you intended to wrap inside. You can buy this paper in two different sizes, 18 inches, and 24 inches, and apply it to different needs.

Another great side of this paper is that it is non-sticky and you can remove it quickly after the period of usage is complete. The paper is made for multi-purpose use and that's why you can use this food-grade paper for cooking, serving, storing, or wrapping. Except for these food-related uses, you can also use the paper for some arts and crafts, even using it for birds cage liner won't be a wrong decision. You will get a massive 175 feet to roll in the paper.

Key Features

  1. It is made of 100% natural virgin pulps
  2. Comes in 18 inches and 24 inches sizes
  3. It is a non-sticky paper
  4. It comes unbleached, unwaxed and uncoated.

2. Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll - Natural Food Grade Brown Wrapping Paper


Brand: YRYM HT

Weight: 3.7 pounds

You can easily choose this high-quality paper from YRYM HT if you are searching for craft paper for multi-purpose use. The craft comes in a roll in plastic providing you with no creases. It is made of 100% natural pure virgin pulps and it is unbleached, unwaxed, and uncoated. You can recycle the paper after using it, so it is also environment friendly. The standard basis weight of this ultra-durable and strong paper is 4.63 lb. In the restaurant, you can use this paper for serving burgers, sandwiches or fries, etc.

You can wrap in fresh-cut meats and grill meats because it does a great job trapping the smoke inside as it is stronger than foil papers. It provides an excellent, moderate taste of the food after absorbing the extra oil from the food. As I told about the paper's multi-purpose use, you can use it for cooking, serving, storing, smoking meats, etc. purposes. Except for these food-related works, the paper is also designed to wrap gifts, mailing paper, shipping paper, tablecloth cover, etc.

Key features

  1. It is made of 100% natural pure virgin pulps
  2. It can be used for multi-purpose
  3. Durable and strong paper's basis weight is 4.63 lb
  4. It absorbs the extra oil from the food.

3. Natural Butcher Kraft Paper Roll


Brand: Meat Hugger

Weight: 3.5 pounds

This high-quality butcher craft paper from Meat Hugger can withstand the meat juice and other kinds of moisture to keep the fresh meat fresh for a long time. It comes with a width of 18 inches and you will find 175 feet after unrolling the product. You can cut the paper in any suitable size to store meat, serve different food, or do some crafty works with ease and grace. As the manufacturer has made the paper under special engineered supervision, you will get excellent durability for long time use.

The butcher paper comes in a durable one core tube and you just roll out the paper, cut it in a suitable size for individual steaks, whole racks of ribs, salmon fillets or even deer. In restaurants, you can use this paper for making parcels for one or two people quite comfortably and you can also serve some snack type dishes to the customers. Except for these uses, you can use this craft paper to draw, paint, and create unique wraps or book covers. You can also use it as floor covers, rustic food tray liners or table runners.

Key Features

  1. 18 inches wide high-grade butcher paper
  2. There are 175 feet rolls in the paper
  3. It comes in a durable one core tube
  4. It is highly durable for long time use.

4. Pink Butcher Paper - For Meat Smoking and Barbecue


Brand: Meat Hugger

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Simply roll this pink butcher paper from Meat Hugger and have a simple smoking process. After storing or wrapping the meat in the butcher paper, it will reach its tempts faster, but remain juicy and you will get the same taste it was before wrapping it inside. So you can wrap your briskets, ribs, steaks or whatsoever without any hesitation in this butcher paper. This paper is perfect for smoking as it holds the juiciness and at the same time, lets the steam escape. And the manufacturer has made if non-toxic and food grade.

Don't worry about the quality or whether the food will remain the same when it is soaked in oily ingredients because the high-grade butcher paper fibers provide excellent strength to keep the food quality the same even when it is soaked in oil or food juices. The paper comes in 100% uncoated and still it can withstand the moisture and juiciness of the food to keep the taste as it was before. It is also great for faster and convenient use as you can roll out the paper using the easy-tear dispenser method.

Key Features

  1. It comes in 100% uncoated
  2. It is food grade and smoker safe
  3. High-grade butcher paper fiber provides superior strength
  4. Roll out with the easy-tear dispenser method.

5. Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking Meat



Weight: 4.5 pounds  

Get this giant-size red butcher paper from DIY CREW and have more opportunities to store, serve, cook, etc. This paper is excellent for those guys searching for some strong paper for their next BBQ party and the paper is made of the highest grade red butcher fibers. Using this paper on your food won't affect the food's flavour; rather, it will keep the natural flavour as it comes unwaxed and uncoated. Using no coating or waxing doesn't affect its longevity as the paper is highly durable and resistant.

You will get superior blood, oil, and humidity holdout in the paper. When you are intended to use it in some oily or juicy food, you should use it because it won't fall apart when you soak the food in oil or food juice. According to the makers, this butcher paper is perfect for money as it comes in 24 inches in width and 200 feet when you roll it out.

Key Features

  1. Keeps natural flavour and taste of food
  2. It is 24 inches wide and 200 feet when rolled out
  3. Used highest grade red butcher fibres for construction
  4. It comes uncoated and unwaxed.

6. Mighty Dreams Pink/Peach Butcher Paper Roll


Brand: Mighty Dreams

Weight: 5 pounds

You can smoke the meat with perfection by picking up this butcher paper from Mighty Dreams. The paper is made of high-grade material to confirm the quality and make it a food-grade butcher paper. The most promising side of this paper seems to me that it is the heat and moisture resistance. This feature helps to keep the natural flavour and taste of the food for a more extended period.

The paper comes with 24 inches in width and when you roll it out, you will find 150 feet. So it is quite long for multi-tasking. If you are worried about which to use between this butcher paper and aluminum foil paper, butcher paper will always remain on top in case of performance. The rolled in paper comes in a durable tube and you just need to roll to use for whatever you intended to use.

Key Features

  1. It is a food-grade butcher paper
  2. It comes 24 inches wide and 150 feet when rolled out
  3. It is heat and moisture resistant
  4. It keeps the natural flavour of food.

7. Eco Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll


Brand: Paper Farm

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Well, you can call this a craft paper; butcher paper, banner paper, or whatever you like to call it, but this paper from Paper Farm will provide you perfect thickness for wrapping, packing and crafting. The paper is made of 100 recyclable and 100% biodegradable materials. So after using you don't need to worry about the paper's contamination in the environment as you can recycle it and make it eco-friendly one.

The paper roll measures 30 inches wide and 1200 feet in length, which means when you roll the paper out, you will find 100 feet. This traditional brown colour paper comes with plastic-free packaging. The paper can keep the natural flavor and taste of the food as it comes unwaxed and uncoated. Don't worry about multi-use of it, because the manufacturer has made the paper for multi-purpose use.

Key Features

  1. It is made of 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable materials
  2. It is 30 inches wide paper
  3. The paper measures 100 feet when it is rolled out
  4. It comes unwaxed and uncoated.

Things you must consider before buying

It is never an easy task to select a butcher paper and have any performance you intended to have. That's why you need to know what things you need to look out before buying a butcher paper.

Safety of food: That food paper will not be worth using if it doesn't keep the safe food inside. A food-grade butcher paper that comes unwaxed, uncoated is perfect for keeping the food safe inside. Another thing you can look out for added safety is whether the paper is recyclable and environment-friendly or not.

Size of the paper: There are different sizes of butcher papers available in the market at present and most of them are made for multi-use. Most common sizes of these papers are 18 inches, 24 inches and sometimes 30 inches. Meanwhile, when you roll out the paper, you might find the length ranging from 100 feet to 200 feet. You need to select the size depending on the versatility you need to have in your performance.

Materials used to make: Manufacturers use 100% natural pure virgin pulps, 100% biodegradable materials or 100% recyclable materials to make these papers mostly. All these materials are used to keep the FDA's food safety standard and keep the natural flavour and taste of the food.

Heat and moisture resistant: The last thing I mentioned in the above point is keeping the natural flavour and taste of food. It is only possible when the paper you are using can resist heat and moisture from the food. When you are wrapping or serving the oily or juicy food, it doesn't just tear or lose the quality.

Durability: You are not supposed to use the whole roller paper at once or keep the food of a little time wrapped inside. So you must check out the paper's durability and ensure it can perform for a long time in keeping your food fresh.

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Types of butcher paper

There are various types of butcher paper you will find in the market and some of those are mostly used in day to day life for various purposes.

butcher paper

Pink butcher paper

 To preserve or wrap the fresh meat pieces, pink butcher paper is the perfect option. It prevents any kind of leakage and provides enough breathability at the same time to keep the meat fresh.

White butcher paper

 With white butcher paper, you wrap some other foods except fresh meat. FDA approves this paper and you can also use it for crafting works as well.

Steak butcher paper

 You can use steak paper for wrapping meat or display into the customer by keeping them on the tray. The natural colour and meat juice will remain the same if you wrap meats inside it.

Freezer paper

 This type of paper is specialized for freezer storage. You can preserve the products from shorter to a more extended period and for this, different freezer papers are found depending on lengths like 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months and 9 to 15 months.

Concluding words

Please don't get frustrated thinking of how you will arrange the next BBQ party, because I have already mentioned the solution to make your BBQ party awesome. Just grab one of the butcher paper included in the list and then use it however you want to use it.

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